Alan Goodwin

Just a 29 year old guy from New Hampshire who will be attempting to hike the AT starting in late March 2016. Everyone has their own reasons as to why they are hiking the trail. I suppose mine are similar to others – need an adventure, need a change, have big dreams, want to live life to the fullest etc. etc. My goals of this blog are to hopefully provide everyone a little bit of entertainment, a little bit of inspiration, and most importantly to let my parents know that I’m still alive. Working 8-5 for the next 35 years (with a few vacations mixed in) scares the shit out of me. People live their lives in a magnitude of different ways. Find something that you love and do it because you want to, not because society told you to. (this whole paragraph is such a cliché) I’ve had people ask me if I am hiking for a charity or for a cause. My answer is no, I suppose that is selfish, but you shouldn’t donate to a cause because someone is hiking the AT, you should donate because you want to. If you feel strongly about one specific issue you should contribute in any way that you can. Whether that is cancer, ALS, or the heroin epidemic is a huge bitch right now. If anyone wants to send me anything along the way (another selfish statement) snickers and whiskey are encouraged items.