Set A Date And DO IT!

The amount of people who complete a thru-hike is drastically lower than the amount of people who think about doing one. This can be related to anything, not just thru-hiking. When planning for a life changing experience, we tend to think realistically and accept that it can’t happen because this reason or that. But, let’s talk about the reasons why it should happen.

It will forever change your life.

I talk to a lot of people about my hike and they say they’ll never have time for something like that. I wonder though, how do they not have time? It will change their life, how do they not have time for that?!

You’ll feel powerful and able to accomplish absolutely anything.

When your mind and body are equally invisible, there is nothing that can stop you. It’s a feeling that you are able to revisit even after the trail. The memories are vivid and fresh because those were some of the most present moments you’ve experienced yet.

It will restore your faith in the goodness of humanity.

The amount of help thru-hikers receive is abundant. It comes in all forms and you will be eternally grateful for each ride, beer, or shower you receive. Open your heart to these people because they are angels, on and off trail.

It will make you live in the moment.

Presence. Here. Now. This moment. Thru-hiking gave me the ability to practice presence everyday. After 5-6 months of living in the moment, it becomes a way of life. You realize everything is temporary – one moment the pain in your feet is unbearable, and the next moment, those same feet got you standing on a ridge with the most breathtaking view.

You’ll experience life’s simplicity and be comfortable under any circumstance.

A new understanding will surface when you carry everything you need to live on your back. You’ll realize the material objects of the developed world don’t provide happiness or comfort. Being exposed to all of earth’s elements brings a comfort and type of happiness that is only found in the wild. Experience is knowledge, and knowledge is comfort.

One last thing…

Do it.

Set a date, and do it.

If you’re feeling unprepared, you’ll probably never feel prepared enough. But through each situation, you’ll learn a little bit more about yourself. This will build and build, until you’re comfortable and confident that you can excel in anything you do. No task is too big. The key is consistency, just a little bit everyday.

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  • turtlehiker : Feb 1st


    I will do it!

  • Taryn : Feb 2nd

    I will do it! June 2018, how long do I need to condition myself for it?


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