This Week’s Top Instagram Posts from the #PacificCrestTrail

Thru-hiking season is in full throttle on the #PCT! And there are some great photos floating around thanks to all the hikers out there! Unfortunately, if you are reading this right now, you probably aren’t out on the trail (thanks for reading if you are!). Good news, this is the next best thing!

If you’d like to be featured, we search Instagram for great photos with the hashtag #PacificCrestTrail, #PCT and #PacificCrestTrials (our personal favorite) and select a few standouts each week for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s some visual splendor chock full of the insta-greatness we have all been waiting for. The following photos were taken between 12/12 and 12/19.

Hiking toward beautiful mountains can lead to tunnel vision. I would constantly remind myself to appreciate the slightly different views of distant mountains as the trail snaked its way closer to them. But I also reminded myself to appreciate my surroundings. Simply by walking we would get closer to those mountains, but to miss out on the beauty and magic of the places we had walked through to get there would have been a shame. #WanderlustWednesday :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: #mountainlove #moutainlife #mountainlovers #earth_escape #cubicle2tent #IAmNature #mountainlover #theoutbound #optoutside #bestofbackpack #lonelyplanet #lonelyplanettraveller #werehikers #NationalTrailsSystems #ItsAllYours #photographersinthewild #HikeThePct #fantasticearth #wildernessplanet #pnw #pnwphoto #thatpnwlife #pct #pctig #PacificCrestTrail #PacificCrestTrials #upperleftusa #upperleftcorner

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July 27, 2016 (Day 87) “Holy cow the craziest thing just happened! I’m camping at the top of a ridge and me, U-turn, Risky Biscuit, & Flop are sitting around the campfire talking when suddenly Outro starts screaming from her sleeping bag, “GUYS, WHAT IS THAT!” over and over. We look up and see what sort of looks like a shooting star screaming across the sky. Except it’s HUGE and way too bright. It had a long, fiery tail behind it. Then all the sudden it splits in two and both pieces were falling through the air. All of this is happening slow enough that we’re all freaking out and having a full conversation about it. They’re all saying it’s too big to be a meteor. We think it might be a plane… oh my god. We all jumped up and ran to the edge of the ridge to try and see where it landed but the mountains obstructed the view. We can’t tell if we’re seeing dark smoke or storm clouds in the distance. Holy shit. This is the very first time since I’ve been on trail that I really wish I could use my phone.” … from the next day … “It turns out that the mystery fireball from last night was neither a plane or a UFO… but a Chinese rocket! The 2nd stage reentering the atmosphere and burning up. It was over 5 tons and was travelling at 18,000 mph. Pretty crazy but so cool to actually see! Well, at least now that I know that no one died and all.” . . #pacificcresttrail #pct2016 #pacificcresttrials #pctig #thruhike #adventure #getoutside #optoutside #hike #pctjournal #traillife #trailmystery #paniconthemountain #noservicenightmare

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150 to go!

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Sydney city life has really been making me miss the great mountains of Colorado! Enjoy the outdoors extra for me.

For those preparing for next year on the #PCT, don’t forget to get your copy of Pacific Crest Trials, an emotional and psychological guide to thru-hiking!
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Happy hiking!

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