Appalachian Trail Interactive Map

Map Updatapalooza! (05/25/16)
We have just given the data for this map an overhaul in updates utilizing the most recent source data! Skip further down the page to read more about the map’s source information.

  • Shelters
    • Updated with southbound information including Southbound mile marker notations and the approximate distance to the next southbound shelter.
    • All shelters have also been updated with a corresponding photo for reference.
  • Parking Areas
    • Parking areas now display their approximate mile marker (NOBO & SOBO) as well as some other general information.
    • Each parking area also now features a direct link to Google Maps to more easily look up directions to the desired lots.
  • Blue Blazes
    • Earlier in the year we added a layer with a number of blue blazes on/near the AT featured in our Best Blue Blazes on the Appalachian Trail series (plus a few extras) to allow you to better identify where to find these trails along the AT.
  • Hostels & Outfitters
    • In case you missed it, information for hostels and outfitters surrounding the AT have been added to the map including basic contact & location information as well as some other basic details!

Welcome to the The Trek Appalachian Trail Interactive Map!

Here you will be able to spatially explore and discover a wealth of information about the Appalachian Trail! Currently you can find locations and information on AT Shelters, Parking Areas, Hostels, Outfitters, and the White Mountains Hut system. In the future we plan to incorporate more data on other unique places of interest!

As you explore the map you can click this icon Appalachian Trail Interactive Map Appalachian Trials located in the upper-left corner of the map (just to the left of the map title) to view the Map Legend & Layers Menu. Map layers can be turned on and off from this menu via the check box next to each listed layer. You can also click icons directly on the map to find out more specific information about these places of interest along the AT.

To view a full screen version of the map click the fullscreen icon in the upper-right corner of the map.

As always, if you see any errors, issues, or simply have an ideas that you think would help improve this resource please let us know!

Source Data:

This map was generated by referencing data from various sources:

Mad props to THE Kenny Howell for putting this together.

**Note: This map is not intended to act as a replacement for conventional maps or guide books.
While the data presented on the map is referenced from viable sources all data should be taken as an approximation. Relevant data is periodically updated, but we make no guarantees as to the absolute accuracy of the data presented at a given time. As a result any information taken from this map for the purposes of planning a trip or excursion please verify with an appropriate map or guidebook. Thank you.

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  • Jon Fetterolf : Feb 25th

    Nice map, upon zooming out, some of your data points are plotted in the wrong part of the world ie. Kazakhstan. Borat appreciates you thinking of him!

    • Kenny Howell : Mar 22nd

      Thanks for catching these. They are the result of a few misplaced symbols. Unfortunately for Borat these data points have been corrected and should now be back in the good ol’ US of A!

      • Ethan Johnson : Jul 2nd

        You guys left out Imp shelter near Mt. Moriah.

  • Bobby Davis : Mar 8th

    I would like to make a campsite rest stop for those passi g by in Andalusia Alabama

  • Nora : Mar 17th

    This is WONDERFUL! We will be using this map often with hikers who come to Harpers Ferry, WV. Many section hikers will benefit from this map. Thank you, for the time and energy to build this information into a useable format. Thinking the sales of the paper map 5&6 might drop in our outfitter shop… But with a little salesman ship from our staff maybe not. Paper still feels good in your hands. What are the steps to be listed on the map? We run shuttles for hikers and have been a place for a bit of river fun while pass through Harpers Ferry. We manage the Brunswick Family Campground which is just down The Potomac River and the c&o towpath and we are getting hikers who turn toward us for showers, electric charging and tenting. Also was thinking a BOLDER icon for the Harper Ferry Headquarters of the AT would be helpful. (One of the big question asked over the years).

    • Kenny Howell : Mar 29th

      Hi Nora! Glad to here you’re finding the map useful. Also thanks for you suggestion! In the future we plan to add information on other places of interest including the ATC HQ, AT Museum and more. If you wish to submit information for inclusion on our map go ahead and follow this link to our contact form ( and send us a message so we can follow up with you more easily. Then we can go from there!

  • Joanna Reichert : Apr 18th

    Is it possible to update each data point – or at least the shelters – with their mileage NOBO and SOBO? I love this map, yet find it a little frustrating for my purposes; I will need to rendezvous with my FIL and husband at some point in a few weeks, and determining where is the easiest point to meet is made harder because I don’t know the mileage of these locations, and have to supplement this with other materials.

    • Kenny Howell : Apr 19th

      Hi Joanna. Thanks for your feedback! We do have plans to adapt this map to be more SOBO friendly by updating shelters (and hopefully parking areas) with NOBO & SOBO mileage notations in the future. However, these updates will likely take some time as we sift through the data and I can’t promise they’ll be completed in time to assist with your upcoming trip. However, because of the ever-changing and fluid nature of the A.T. we still recommend always using supplemental materials, such as a guidebook or map, when planning an outing on the trail.

  • Nicholas : Apr 20th

    By far the best AT map I’ve found online. Finally, a map that has usable tools, information, and interactivity. Great job.

    One idea I had when using this: I was using it to map out mileages, as many will do. The ability to click on one marker as a starting point and then another as a destination, to get mileages, would be great. I was doing this manually in Google Maps – copying and pasting in the GPS coordinates – which worked fine, but having it automatic would be even finer! 🙂

    Thanks again, Kenny.

    • Kenny Howell : Apr 21st

      Hi Nicholas. Really appreciate your feedback! We’re really glad you are finding this map so useful. As for your suggestion, implementing such functionality would be fantastic. Unfortunately, at least at this time, it isn’t something we will be able to do due to limitation with Google Maps functionality. The basic system Google provides to allow custom map creation is technically a separate system from the core Google Maps system that we all use for directions. As a result it offers somewhat more limited functionality than the core Google Maps engine, so unfortunately it can’t be used to simply look up directions between data points when the map is live embedded on the site. It is possible to add layers featuring pre-determined directions between points, but this would in no way help the everyday user look up the directions they would like between various data points on the fly. Perhaps someday this will change as Google continues to update their own services. When we next reassess the parking layer we hope to at least implement a link directly to Google Maps for these data points to at least lessen the need for as much copying/pasting.

      • Nicholas : Apr 24th

        Kenny – Hey. Just got back from an overnight in Michaux State Forest. The direct link is a great idea and would certainly do the trick. Thanks again!

  • Robert Cull : May 10th

    Anyone out there conducting a thorough-hike Within the year? I would very much like to join a group that is willing. I could be contacted here [email protected] we could also get to know one another via Facebook and other social sites. Thanks a bunch. Also North to South would be Fantastic! I live here in pa. ~Rob

    • robert cull : May 25th

      well just now hours away from starting my 150 mile section threw Pa starting south off pottsville off 183 – heading southbound. I’m going to finish up just after the Md border off route 77 into smithsburg. Hope to see all you thru-hikers out there. ~Captain Clueless

    • nadine : Jun 13th

      Hi Rob, my daughter and i are planning to start in early spring North-South. We reside in Pa as well, and were hoping
      to find others to join us on this journey. Where in Pa are you located ?

      • robert culll : Jun 16th

        North of Harrisburg please look me up here, >

        • robert culll : Jun 16th

          you wouldn’t happen to be Deroba? would you? lol

          • robert culll : Jun 16th

            or swank? lol…

      • Robert cull : Jul 11th

        Nadine, you could also reach me at [email protected] I completed p.a and n.j in 26 days was a great training state, very rocky, ended in high point SP In n.j would like to start in Main in May.

  • J : Jul 20th

    Clingman’s Dome parking NOBO mile marker seems to be off by 100 miles (I think it must have been a fat finger typo). It is ~3 miles North/East from Double Spring Gap Shelter @ 196.7 mi NOBO but showing up as 299.5 mi NOBO. The SOBO marker looks reasonable.

    • J : Jul 20th

      Great map, by the way… is there a way to add a layer for road crossings? Not every road crossing has a parking lot, but it would be nice to know where roads intersect to help plan for contingencies on a section hike.

      • Kenny Howell : Jul 20th

        Hi J. Thanks for the note on the Clingmans Lot. Fat fingers indeed. The correction has been made! As for your question about road crossings, we currently do not have plans to add such a layer, but it is something that we may look at in the future. In any case, a good conventional map and/or guidebook should identify major road crossings, and it is our hope that folks are utilizing these resources to help plan out their contingencies as well. Thanks for your input!

  • Joey Earley : Aug 23rd

    Going to start on tril on the 4th of Sept, starting at standing Indian. In North Carolina. Me and the little woman. Heading south. First time we’ve been on . Have been doing some hiking, day trips, looking forward to this if anyone is taking this way. Look us up I guess. Looking for all the information can get about, the trail

  • Robert : Sep 7th

    The map suggests a 4.3 mile stretch, but Goo maps appears to have it correctly at roughly 7.5 mi.
    PA 850 (Game Commission Parking)
    Mile Marker NOBO

    AT Section 71
    Mile Marker Start: 1142.2,-77.0294143/40.3220919,-77.0774006/@40.3515552,-77.0981599,12.75z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2

    • Kenny Howell : Sep 7th

      Thanks for the information. Yes, this is erroneous and is likely due to the fact that the mileage notations that are associated with the AT Section paths is now dated being referenced/estimated using from 2014 source material, as is noted in the data points. This data is being re-visited to review if it’s more practical to try and update that particular data to more accurate mileages or to rather remove the mileages from the paths altogether as to avoid further confusion.

  • Diana Christopulos : Sep 21st

    Catawba Shelter on our section usually has water in pools downhill on blue blazed trail. The piped spring near the AT is dry, but the stream remembered below the shelter. I am president of RATC and help patrol this section

  • Rob : Oct 15th

    At What mile marker does the 100 mile wilderness start heading Southbound? Thanks everyone!

  • mitchsmom : Nov 10th

    Some shelters’ info says to use tent pads, but I never see the number of tent pads listed?

  • Tom : Jan 25th

    Awesome map, thanks! I’d love to see the official campsites listed, not just the shelters. And along that line, listed those shelters that have tent space around them would be helpful too!

  • Red : Apr 28th

    Question… How do I download part or all of your map for offline use. Sorry for the noob question.

  • Cat : Jun 15th

    It’s June 15, 2017 and the fantastic interactive map has disappeared! Where did it go??? I love tracking my husband’s progress on the AT.

  • grody : Jul 12th

    Where’s the map ??

  • Kimberly Huber : Feb 5th

    Great map! It would help to have the AT mile markers rather than L/L to help with pre-hike planning.Thx

  • Patricia Scott : Jun 27th

    Questions. I love the map and am using it to plot and follow along on my daughter and her boyfriend’s trek. I place markers where they are staying and then share a screen shot with family. I inadvertently placed a marker in the wrong place. How do I undo that??


  • CW : Oct 8th

    This is my first usage of your map, and I have apparently found some serious errors, when compared to the ATC map.

    Based on just ONE comparison, The trail route from Pearisburg, VA to the Rice Field Shelter is nowhere near close in comparison to the ATC map. Additionally, the Pocahontas AT parking area shown on your map isn’t even remotely close to the AT trail markings on your map.

    Again, this was my FIRST usage of your map, and sorry to say, I seriously question its usefulness.

    Incidentally, I recently hiked the section I referenced, and visited the shelter, all while using GPS coordinates from ATC, and found their data to be accurate.

    What gives??


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